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Read bread-making further information in my book:

The art of baking is one of the oldest forms of art in the world. In Susana’s book, we learn the most down-to-earth and uncomplicated way to use this millennial art.
The use of modern traditions for food production is one of the expressions of today’s society, where more and more people’s busy day-to-day lives make them look for practical solutions to have a healthy, delicious, and above all, fast meal.
I recommend this book, not only for the fact that I know Susana has a passion for this form of art but also for knowing that several people will use it to be happier in their own kitchens.
Great read.

Chef Guga Rocha

Try more recipes from my Cookbook

130 delicious recipes, tips and hints, and the basic steps on making bread, cake, pizza, and pasta using a bread machine.

You don’t need a bread machine to make those recipes. Suppose your bread maker is broken. Or you do not have room in your kitchen for another gadget but want to make my recipes. There is a guide to convert the bread machine recipes to manual recipes.

Or if you have favourite recipes your gramma used to make, there is also a guide to convert it and make using a bread machine.

How about fresh homemade pasta. There is also a complete guide here with suggestions to be creative with your pasta.