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Fast2eat is taking back lunch breaks.

At busy times, fast food isn’t all too fast.

We’ve all been there. Picked what seemed to be the fastest line, became frustrated and hungry, and left with only a few minutes to gulf down our meal. Only to rush back to work — late.

Is it fair you’re spending your free time (which is limited) waiting in line? We all have better things to do, or at least other things we’d rather do.

Out of frustration, Carleton University Master students: Mauricio and Susana, thought of a solution to buy their coffee without being late for class.

What started as an amusing idea, quickly transformed into an award winning solution, getting second place award at the Ottawa 2012 Start-up Weekend and transforming a simple idea into Fast2eat, a web-based solution, that allows you to take back your lunch break.

Since that weekend, Fast2eat has been supported by: Venture Start, Lead To Win Program, Carleton Entrepreneurs, Invest Ottawa Portfolio, GrindspaceXL and NRC-IRAP. So diners can order online to bypass the line.

Sign up completely free, and see how easy it is to take back your lunch break.

Eat what you want, when you want, and save time by passing the line. It’s the ultimate solution for busy lunch breaks, in-between classes or busy schedules to stop wasting time, and do what matters.

Meet the Founders

Susana Macedo

Susana Macedo MEng

Business Process & Project Management

Susana controls Fast2eat’s daily operations ensuring it leads the company to long term success. She is in charge of all planning, from designs, requirements and specifications to budget and schedules. She makes sure things are done properly, on time and on budget. It’s is a tough task to do, and she makes it look easy!

With more than 15 years’ experience in business process management, project administration and website content development. She obtained her M.Eng. from TIM Program at Carleton University. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and postgraduate degree in System Analysis and in Management.

Mauricio Abreu

Mauricio Abreu MSc MEng

Tools & Technology

Mauricio is our tech wiz! He loves restaurants and has a huge vision for what technology can do for them. He is in charge in Information Structure and Application Development. All the technical decisions are up to him! He believes that a good user interface attracts new customers and increases sales volume.

He holds two master’s degree in Technological Innovation. He is specialized in information modelling, database design and business intelligence and has written five books related to these subjects. He has more than 20 years of experience and developed projects to large organizations, contributed to reduce time in decision making process.

We are very passionate about what we are doing.

We are always looking for awesome people to add to our team, drop us a line here if you have what it takes!

Fast2eat team is always open to hearing new and exciting ideas, so if you have any suggestions to add to the Fast2eat interface, we are looking forward to hear them! Just email us at info@fast2eat.com.


Fast2eat provides enterprise-class web-based software targeted at the restaurant industry.  We provide online order and menu management with integrated analytics designed to optimize and improve the entire user experience and significantly increase our clients’ revenues.

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