Benefits For Food Vendors

Fast2eat provides restaurant owners with:

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Increased revenue & expanded customer-reach Increased customer volume during peak hours Pre-payment on orders (risk free and ensures efficient pick-up) Maximum table turnover Multilanguage simple and flexible online menu to attend any menu structure Usage metrics including real-time order tracking

Fast2eat provides customers with:

emoticon-128 hand-mobile-red128 time-8-128 skip the line 128 NO-FEE128 save_time128
Simple, efficient, non-rushed advance food orders Order from anywhere on the go Scheduled eat time Ability to bypass line-ups No transaction fee for diners Save time

Several ways to take orders
(from customers’ computer, tablets or mobile or from your lobby Kiosk):

pick-up-128 delivery-128 pre-order-128 dine-in-128 catering-128  yourlogo-128
Online Pick Up
Online Delivery
Online Pre-order with priority “dine-in”
In restaurant mobile ordering
Online catering ordering
Custom branded online-order

Stay ahead of the curve:


Request a Demo Now!

We look forward to setting up a Google Hangout or Skype meeting with you to further demonstrate Fast2eat.

Please check out this presentation with some problems Fast2eat can solve for Restaurants’ owners and managers.

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And there’s more! Check out the features Fast2eat also brings to you:

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Mobile and tablet responsive Taxes for each location  Several management user access levels Fire alert & Emergency event closure Optimization algorithm to control order demand Unlimited everything (locations, menus, items, add-ons…)

And many others.

When your business grows, we grow with you and we make sure there’s nothing holding you back.

Also check:

FAQ For restaurant owners & managers

FAQ for Diners

Interested? Request a demo here!

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