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My name is Susana and I’ve started Fast2eat because I wanted to help people stop wasting time to eat, and do what really matters with their time. The idea is: Eat what you want, when you want, and save time.

Fast2eat mission is to help diners eat when they want without having to wait. We strive to help provide the best dinner experiences possible. That starts with not having to wait to eat.

I grew up seeing my mom, who is totally obsessed with cooking, spending all day in the kitchen. She daydreams about new recipes. She devours cookbooks. She watches all the food programs on TV, record them to take all recipes. She has drawers and more drawers full of recipes.

I also love cooking but I don’t like, and I don’t have time, to spend all day cooking inside the kitchen. Because of that I’ve decided to create this Fast2eat Blog to help people to cook delicious recipes but Fast-2-eat Recipes.

Above all, I love eating food, especially while in the presence of good company. Good food in good company—does it get any better than that?

I believe that cooking should be fun and recipes Fast, so I hope Fast2eat inspires you to step into the kitchen to cook delicious, healthy and Fast-2-eat meals.

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