Frequently Asked Questions for restaurant owners & managers

What are the benefits to offer Fast2eat in my establishment?

Fast2eat brings all that is the most innovative in order to meet customer needs!

Thus, among numerous improvements, Fast2eat helps restaurant owners:

  • Stay competitive & adapt to changing market needs
  • Reduce headcount and Increase revenue
  • Expand customer-reach via mobile solution
  • Increased customer volume during peak hours with efficient table turnover
  • Pre-payment on orders
  • Reduce order error and miscommunication
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Simple online menu customization & branding
  • Usage metrics including real-time order tracking

Offer a differentiated service. Ensure, with Fast2eat, the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers!

What is Fast2eat?

Fast2eat is a revolutionary web-based application that allows diners to browse restaurant menu, choose items to create their meals, set the pick-up time and pay online, so they get exactly what they want, when they want, without any miscommunication or line ups.

Restaurant owners, managers & staff can edit menus anytime from anywhere as well as check orders at the Fast2eat administration area just using a web browser.

What do I need in order to start?

A tablet or computer  with a modern web browser to update your menus and check the orders. They must be connected to internet.

Fast2eat is a web-based application, in other words it runs on any device with internet connection.

How do I install?

There’s no installation required! Fast2eat is a web-based application that works in most web browsers, which means you don’t need to worry about downloading, installing or upgrading any software on your computer.

Can I use my own website?

Of course! Just have your web-designer add a link to your Fast2eat page and you’re done.

Your diners will be able to order coming from your website as well as from

If you want a white label solution, just ask us.

How do I change my restaurant and menus information and have control over it?

Your profile, menus, items, prices, specials and promotions can be changed within your Fast2eat administration area. It’s straightforward and extremely intuitive, but if you’re having problems, you can always contact us for help!

Fast2eat has specialized support who can offer great assistance, and make your first menu register, when hired. However, all support is given to you, so you can make your personal management menu.

We also provide a training of involved staff and user guides before launch

How would you be able to help us with your expertise in menu designing?

Admin interface (staff):

With our technology for menu management you can easily include, change and delete menus, categories, items and images in real time.

You can create, “turn on”, and “turn off” the menus and menu items at your own discretion and also you will be able to set the menus for different dates and times and for different types of services and locations.

End user interface (diner):

Fast2eat has a menu navigation interface that is intuitive and easy for diners. Fully responsive for computers, tablets and smartphones.

Must I have photos of all the dishes on my menu?

Fast2eat offers the option to illustrate the items on yours menu to improve the customer experience and boost your sales. We recommend using the photos because they facilitate the recognition and description of dishes and very encouraging consumption. However, this functionality is not required and you can leave Fast2eat logo as the default image for each item without photo.

How do you think a guest will order when menu changes every day?

As soon as a menu is changed in the system, the menu is updated on the guest side of the application.

You can schedule special menus for specific time and/or days of the week.

Can you help our marketing strategy?

Our commitment to marketing would be providing all graphic design templates to put around, that will have Fast2eat branding and the Food Services branding.

Our package includes graphics for poster-size, business card size, table-topper size, a large 22″ x 22″ “Fast2eat Pickup Here” sign, and t-shirt.

And we are more than happy to design, with no cost, any other graphic size you may need. The printing would be the responsibility of the Food Vendor.

Another promotional method we recommend to supplement the printed material is volunteers who will do a street team and let people around know about the online order option.

Social media is also another helpful tool, and we will leverage our social media accounts to generate a buzz on your location.

You can also use our coupon feature to create, at the admin area, any coupon you might want to promote your food service. The use of coupons is a marketing tool to be used to grow customer’s sales through promotions (e.g. discounts, extra benefits, etc.). The coupons may also be used in contests as a way to promote the use of Fast2eat and attract the attention of diners to your restaurant.

How many locations can you serve with?

Our system can handle all of the locations you choose to put into it.

We have an intuitive order receipt screen that separates the orders by vendor and also by location. That means we can have several locations with several vendors each within your Food Services. It can be a food chain, a food court, a building with several food courts with several food vendors.

If different preparation areas for different vendors is necessary, tablets/computers can be placed in all of those preparation areas, and pick up stations, and they can all run the order receipt dashboard simultaneously and display orders for the correct vendors.

In addition, the amount of staff that is available to process orders is adjustable on-the-fly. This input is inserted into our scheduling algorithm that insures you can handle all of the orders coming in and are never overwhelmed with too many orders.

How safe is online ordering?

There is an order number and security code. You receive the order number only. Diners inform the order number and security code and the system confirm that the order is being delivered to the right diner.

How do I receive the meals payment?

Our system is prepared to integrate with your Global Payment or PayPal account, among others.

If you need other payment system, just ask us.

The payment goes straight to your account.

We send to you daily reports of purchases made separated by payment method to the email(s) of your choice, for your accounting needs.

We have also an analytic dashboard that displays the Number of Transactions, Revenue, Average Transactions, detailed by Location and/or Vendor with a date range .

How does billing work?

You will receive an invoice by email bi-weekly with a breakdown of your orders and fees. You can also check all orders summary anytime at the Fast2eat administration area.

Who do I contact if I have any issue?

Our support department and dedicated staff will be glad to assist you. You can email anytime you may need.

How much does it cost to use Fast2eat?

Having Fast2eat in your restaurant costs very little! In addition to increasing the table turn over and leveraging the sales, Fast2eat improves the results and you can still differentiate yourself from competitors by offering a better service to your customers.

Still have questions?

Don’t be shy! Email us at

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If you have not already done so, Request a demo here!

We look forward to setting up a Google Hangout or Skype meeting with you to further demonstrate Fast2eat.

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