How to use Recipe Collections

See your Recipe Collections Page

Also check How to use your shopping list.

Have used before?

The first screen you see is an overview of all your existing collections.

Click on “Edit Collections” link to rename existing collections, create new ones or delete collections you don’t need anymore.

Never used the feature before?

Then you’ll only see the inbox collection.

Click on “Edit Collections” link.

Click on “Add Collection” link to create new ones.

Once you’ve added more collections click on “Stop Editing“.

And you’ll be able to drag them around on this initial page using the handle () on the left.

The overview page shows the number of recipes you have in each collection at the end.

Recipe Collection Page

Click on a collection to open it. This is what an empty collection looks like:

The buttons on the right give you the different actions to take.

Columns & Groups” can be used to alter the layout of this specific collection to whatever you need:

Click on “Edit Columns” to edit and add the columns you need and on “Edit Groups” to add and edit the groups of added columns:

Go back to the other actions clicking on the “Actions” link. Next, use “Add Item” to add recipes from another collection or by searching for them:

Click on “Add from Collection” to open drop down menu. Click on “Search Recipes” to add recipes by searching for them.

Use the handle () on the left to drag and drop the recipe in place. Go back to the other actions clicking on the “Actions” link.

To remove any item from the collection, click on “Remove Items“.

Then click on the Trash icon () to remove the item.

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How to use Shopping List

Click on the “Shopping List” action to generate a shopping list for all of the recipes in your collection.

The minus and plus icons can be used to alter the servings you want to make for each recipe (or set it to 0 if you don’t want to shop for this particular recipe).

Click on the checkbox () in front of the ingredients to indicate the ones you already have.

Use the buttons at the bottom to print the recipe collection, shopping list or both!

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