In restaurant mobile ordering system

Once seated, customers can immediately view the menu via their own* mobile devices using Fast2eat online ordering system. They can place an order as soon as they are ready, and order additional items whenever and as often as they’d like.

The servers are available to answer questions and meet the customers’ needs as they dine.

After the meal, they can pay and leave, again via their own mobile devices.

Your customers will immediately see the speed-of service benefits of having an order entered right at the table, which is then immediately sent to the kitchen for preparation – reducing the total time from order entry to delivery at the table.

Another personalized benefit is the fact that servers can spend much more time at the table, providing faster and more attentive service.

The customer will never have to wait or shake his hand desperately to be served, order or pay the bill. The customer does everything on his way from his cell phone and saves time!

The food will be paid at the end of the meal and the customer will show the payment confirmation code at the door when leaving the restaurant.

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*Allowing guests to use their own devices at your restaurant will eliminate the need to make a huge capital investment in hardware that might quickly become obsolete. The servers can also place an order using mobile devices for Non-Tech-Savvy diners and the ones who don’t have a smartphone.

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