Whole wheat cornmeal bread Fast2eat
I have replaced half of the bread flour with whole wheat flour. More fibre, more nutrients, better for you. 50% whole wheat bread with a crunch of corn meal. A very light and tasty bread! I love the nice mild cornmeal texture. Read more
Pão integral de batata com mel Fast2eat
This whole wheat honey potato bread will please even the strictest critics! A quick and easy whole wheat potato bread that is super moist and tender! The potatoes help keep this bread so lovely, moist, and tender, giving it a heavenly texture! The perfect homemade bread! Read more
Crispy air fryer breaded chicken breast Fast2eat
This crispy air Fryer chicken recipe is a healthier version of crispy deep-fried chicken, which makes it a perfect guilt-free meal. It is cooked much quicker than in the oven or on the stovetop. You can have it ready in just 20 minutes. Learn how to make perfect “fried” chicken in your air fryer! Your whole family will love it! Read more
50% Whole wheat orange & yogurt bread Fast2eat
Try it if you like soft, perfect crumb bread. It’s light, not at all heavy, despite the whole-wheat flour. It satisfies those who love a soft white, wanting something with more hearty ingredients and fibre. The orange juice also enhances the texture of the bread. Read more
Crispy air fryer coconut shrimp Fast2eat
Quick and crispy coconut shrimp baked to perfection makes for a restaurant-quality appetizer in the comfort of your home. This healthier and satisfying appetizer looks and sounds impressive, but this is a simple recipe you can throw together in less than 30 minutes. Read more
Potato rolls buns Fast2eat
Stop buying rolls and buns and make this recipe. These rolls are amazing! They came out very light, tender and fluffy, and with such a great taste, they melt in your mouth. This has definitely become my go-to roll recipe. Read more
Brazilian shrimp & cream cheese stuffed pumpkin (Camarão com catupiry na Moranga) Fast2eat
This Brazilian shrimp & cream cheese stuffed pumpkin is a traditional showpiece in the Brazilian restaurants along the coast. Delicious, really easy to make and impressive for special occasions, it is the perfect dish for celebrations and to serve at any dinner party. It is a show-stopper in terms of presentation and flavour! Can you imagine your family or friends gathering, Christmas or Thanksgiving with this beautiful and delicious addition? It's for sure going to wow everyone. Read more
50% Whole wheat French baguette Fast2eat
Is there anything better than a homemade loaf of bread? Homemade bread is always a family pleaser. If you are looking for a delicious way to get a little more whole grains in your (or your children's) diet, this 50% Whole wheat French baguette is a fantastic place to start. It's perfect for making sandwiches, French toast or served with a nice hot bowl of soup! Read more
Smoked turkey breast in the pressure cooker Fast2eat
Shave some precious time by using your pressure cooker to prepare this succulent turkey breast. It is a game-changer on a whole new level. You can cook it 1/4 of the time it would take to roast it in the oven. You won’t believe how easy it is. It is super juicy, ready in about 30 minutes, and is complete with gravy all in one pot. It’s perfect for saving time and money. A little less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests is always a good thing. Read more
Orange ricotta bread Fast2eat
This bread is incredibly tasty and delicious, filled with creamy ricotta and flavoured with orange zest and juice. It has such a bright, fresh and citrusy orange flavour. It will receive rave reviews whoever it goes! Read more