How to create an Artisan bread

How to create an Artisan bread with a rustic crust


Artisan bread is different from regular bread because of the unique ingredients used to make it. Artisan bread is fresh and has a crusty texture, making it look rustic. If you want to make Artisan “like” bread at home, you can use a bread machine and bake it in your oven. It’s simple and easy to do.

Lightly flour (dusting the top) before baking

For a nice contrast between the dark crust and the white interior, bakers often sprinkle flour on top before scoring (cutting into) the dough. This will make the crust look more rustic and chewy.
White rice flour is a good option because it won’t burn, giving it a bright white colour contrasting against the dark crust. Another option is using water and flour to make it look pretty and accentuate the bread’s shape.



You can make a unique design in your bread by using a stencil. Put the stencil on the bread and sprinkle flour or spices on it. The design will be left on the bread when you remove the stencil. Upscale bakers might use plastic stencils, but you can make your own. Cut a design from wax or parchment paper and put it on the bread dough before adding flour or spices. You can even use chocolate or cinnamon spices on the bread flour. This is easier than scoring bread with a knife. You may score or mark the bread around the design, but that’s up to you.



Scoring dough means using a knife to cut it lightly. This creates a nice look on the bread as it expands. If you cut it deeply, it will change how the bread rises. If you cut it 6-12 mm (¼- ½ inch) deep, it will still look good and hold more toppings. Wipe off the flour before scoring if you want it to look clean. This won’t change how the bread tastes.


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