How to make bread machine recipes by hand?

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How to knead dough
Thankfully, it is relatively easy to make any bread recipe by hand, even if it is written for a bread machine. Read more
Freezing bread
If you want to preserve the flavour and properties of bread, it’s best to freeze it. Even though it may sound weird, freezing is better than putting bread in the fridge. Read more
Storing the bread
After you bake the bread, you need to keep it fresh for as long as possible until it is time to eat or serve it. Read more
cooling bread
Proper cooling can impact the quality of the loaf. If cooled excessively, the bread will become drier and firmer, giving it a brittle, harsher eating quality. When cooled too quickly, the loaf will become dehydrated, and the moisture loss will make it stale quicker. You can also end up with too much moisture in the storage bag when you put an uncooled loaf in it. Read more
Baking the bread
While the bread’s ingredients affect its crust to some degree, baking is arguably a more significant factor in whether your bread is crusty, crunchy, or soft and tender. Read more
50% Whole wheat French baguette Fast2eat
The way the crust comes out depends on a variety of factors. Read more
Artisan bread
Artisan bread derives its name from unique combinations not usually found in traditional bread. Artisan bread is homemade, fresh, crusty, and deliciously rustic looking. Read more
Topping bread dough
Using toppings is a great way to add flavour and create a decorative appearance, increasing nutrition, taste, and texture to baked bread. Read more

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