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Rösti is one of Switzerland's iconic national dishes. The potatoes are shredded and then formed into a "pancake," stuffed with cheese and then finished with another layer of potatoes. Both sides are fried until crispy and golden, while the inside remains soft, buttery, creamy, cheesy and gooey. You'll love them for brunch, lunch or dinner. Read more
Crepioca is made from a batter with egg and tapioca flour. It is more filling than the tapioca crepe, made just with water, so you don’t need any topping, but if you wish, you can add your favourite sweet or savoury filling. Read more
10 Minutes Cheese Pancake
Have you made the 10 Minutes Cheese Pancake (AKA Brazilian Pão de Queijo) Fast2eat? 😋 This gluten-free "Brazilian Pão de queijo" is delicious, and you can make it in just 10 minutes. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack or dinner. For a fat-free version, use cottage cheese or ricotta cheese. Read more

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