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Fast2eat wants to create a burgeoning community of home chefs, food enthusiasts and curious gourmets.

We love sharing and learning new recipes, techniques, tips, tricks, and skills to make your time (and ours) in the kitchen even more exciting and fun.

Fast2eat is always looking to collaborate with others as passionate about food as we are!

If cooking and learning are what you’re all about, then you are just the home chef for us!
Are you a foodie who loves to share your favourite recipes with others? If so, we have great news for you! Fast2eat is a food blog dedicated to sharing delicious and easy-to-make recipes with food lovers worldwide. We believe that food is not just about sustenance but also about joy, comfort and bringing people together. That’s why we always look for new and exciting recipes to feature Fast2eat.

Are you looking for the best way to share your recipes?

Then you should become a Fast2eat collaborator!
Fast2eat will love to feature you!

Whether you have a stash of family recipes passed down for generations that you’re ready to share or a modern creation you created on your own, if you’re constantly experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with brand-new concoctions, then you have a great case for sharing your recipes.

We would love to hear from you. Submit your favourite recipe to Fast2eat, and let us help you share your love of food with the world.

Here are the top reasons why you would want to share your recipes:


Preserve family recipes!

Most families have their own recipes that are passed down through generations. If you want to ensure that your recipes won’t be lost or forgotten with time, and if you want to ensure that other people can enjoy the dishes your family has been making for years, then you should share them here!


Build a loyal following!

Sharing recipes can make you famous putting you in the spotlight.
When your recipes are a hit, your readers will keep returning to your page for new ideas. And by making your recipes shareable, your audience can only grow!


Establish authority!

When readers use and enjoy your recipes, they’ll trust your advice and return to your page for inspiration.
They will also share your insights via word-of-mouth, telling their friends and family about everything you offer.


Fast2eat will love to feature you!

You will have your own page (, in English and Portuguese, with all your posted recipes and articles.

If you already have your food blog, you may like to direct more traffic and gain more visibility.



There is no payment for posting a recipe or article, and no stardom is guaranteed.


The benefits include the priceless experience of being featured!
This collaboration is geared towards home chefs who love cooking on their own and want to showcase their skills

Do you charge any fee to post on Fast2eat?

A collaborator post without marketing intention is totally free of charge.

There is a fee for marketing sponsored posts and links. I enjoy partnering with high-quality brands that align with Fast2eat philosophy. If you’re interested in a potential paid sponsorship, contact me with “Sponsorship Inquiry” in the subject line.


What are we looking for?

Writers who love to cook, and thoughtfully inject their personality and experience into their work with:

  • Original recipes that are fast and easy to prepare.
  • Original articles with techniques, tips, tricks, and ideas related to food and drink – The pages are usually 500–2000 words long and may include a recipe if relevant.

Are you interested in become a Fast2eat collaborator?

We’d love to hear from you!

Fill out the form below to get started. We look forward to a wonderful, food-filled collaboration with you!


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