Fast2eat Recipes Conversion Tables

Fast2eat Recipes Conversion Tables

Weights can vary considerably depending on the method used to measure. The values here are calculated according to the Dip & sweep (also called scoop & level) method, where we dip the cup or measuring spoon into the flour to scoop it up and then without shaking or tapping sweep of the excess with the back of a knife or a spatula to level it.

Note: Since the volume measurement of an ingredient depends on how you pack the measuring cup/spoon and on the ingredient itself (how it is cut, its density, its water content), the volume-to-weight conversions are not absolute.

Because actual drinking cups may differ greatly from the size of this unit, we should usually use a standard Measuring Cup and Spoon Set and also a bigger liquid Measuring Set instead.

Volume | Weight | Length | Temperature | Flours | Sugars | Powder | Gelatin | Grains | Liquids | Dairy | Butter | Nuts – whole | Nuts – pieces | Nuts – butter | Seeds | Chocolate | Fruits | Vegetables | Herbs | Egg | Yeast substitution | Other

Volume – Cup, Tablespoon (tbsp/ cuillérée à soupe (cs) in French) and Teaspoon (tsp/ cuillérée à café (cc) in French) to Millilitres (ml) and to Fluid Ounces (fl. oz)

Cup Tbsp Tsp ml Imperial  fl. oz U.S. fl. oz US quart
 4  1000  1
1 16 2/3  50 250  8.8  8.45
3/4 12 1/2 37 1/2 187.5 6.6 6.34
2/3 11 33 165 5.8 5.58
1/2 8 1/3 25 125 4.4 4.23
1/3 5 1/2 16 2/3 83.3 2.9 2.82
1/4 4 12 1/2 62.5 2.2 2.11
2 6 30 1 1
1 3 15 0.5 0.5
1 5

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Weight – Ounces (Oz) and Pounds (Lb) to Grams (g) & Kilograms (Kg) *

Ounces Pounds Grams Kilograms
1 28
2 55
3 85
3.5 100
4 1/4 115
5 140
6 170
8 1/2 225
10 285
12 3/4 340
16 1 454
1.25 567
1.5 680
2 908
2.5 1.15
3 1.35

* Kilograms are rounded to the nearest 50 grams and grams to the nearest 5 grams.

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Foot Inches Centimeters
1 2.54
1 12 30

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Temperature – Fahrenheit (°F) to Celsius (°C) to Gas Mark*

Fahrenheit (°F) Celsius (°C) Gas Mark Descriptive
225 110 1/4 Very Slow/Very Low
250 120 1/2 Very Slow/Very Low
275 140 1 Slow/Low
300 150 2 Slow/Low
325 170 3 Moderately Slow/Warm
350 180 4 Moderate/Medium
375 190 5 Moderate/Moderately Hot
400 200 6 Moderately Hot
425 220 7 Hot
450 230 8 Hot/Very Hot
475 250 9 Very Hot
500 260 10
525 270 11
550 290 12

*Gas Mark is a temperature scale used on gas ovens and cookers in Great Britain, Ireland and some Commonwealth countries.

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Flours – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Semolina All-purpose flour / Bread flour / Whole wheat flour  Cornstarch Almond flour/ hazelnut flour (blanched)* Pistachio  flour (blanched)
1  170g 142g 130g 100g  90g
3/4 128g 107g 97g 75g 68g
2/3 113g 94g 86g 67g 60g
1/2 85g 71g 65g 50g 45g
1/3 57g 47g 43g 33g 30g
1/4 43g 35g 32g 25g 23g
1 11g 9g 8g 6g 6g

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Sugars – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Confectioner’s (powdered) sugar /icing sugar Granulated sugar/ packed light brown sugar Brown sugar
1 160g  200g  220g
3/4 120g 150g 165g
2/3 107g 133g 145g
1/2 80g 100g 110g
1/3 53g  67g 75g
1/4 40g  50g 55g
1 10g 13g 15g

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Powder – tbsp & tsp to grams

Tbsp Tsp Matcha Cinnamon/ Ginger/ Allspice (ground) Baking powder/ Gelatin (powdered)/ Instant yeast Salt, coarse Baking soda Fine sea salt
1 6g 9g  12g 14g  20g  24g
2 1/2 5g 8g 10g 12g 18g 20g
2 4g 6g 8g 9g 14g 16g
1 3/4 7g 8g 12g 14g
1 1/2 3g 5g 5g 7g 10g 12g
1 1/4 4g 5g 6g 9g 10g
1 2g 3g 4g 5g 7g 8g
3/4 3g 3g 5g 6g
1/2 1g 2g 2g 2g 3g 4g
1/4 1g 1g 1g 2g 2g

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Gelatin sheets vs gelatin powder

Knox powdered gelatin envelope (US) (Europe) envelope Grams oz 1-gram sheets 1.66-gram sheets 2-gram sheets
1 7 1/4 7 4 3-3.5
1 11 11 6.5-7 5

Note: for 1 litre of liquid (500 ml boiled + 500 ml cold) use 12 sheets of gelatine or 2 sachets equivalent to 2 tablespoons (20 grams) gelatine powder.

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Grains – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Cornmeal/ Couscous Dried beans/ Pearl tapioca/ Buckwheat groats/ Rice, basmati Bulgur/ Chickpeas (dried, raw)/ Quinoa/ Rice, short-grain Lentils Chickpeas (cooked)
1  165g  180g 190g  210g 475g
3/4 124g 135g 143g 158g 356g
2/3 110g 120g 127g 140g 317g
1/2 83g 90g 95g 105g 238g
1/3 55g 60g 63g 70g 158g
1/4 41g 45g 48g 53g 118g
1 10g 11g 12g 13g 30g

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Grains – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Puffed rice Old fashioned rolled oats Coconut flour Polenta
1 30g  80g 90g  160g
3/4 23g 60g 68g 120g
2/3 20g 53g 60g 107g
1/2 15g 40g 45g 80g
1/3 10g 27g 30g 53g
1/4 8g 20g 23g 40g
1 2g 5g 6g 10g

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Liquids – cups,  tbsp & tsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Tsp Coconut oil Vegetable oil/ Olive oil Honey/ maple syrup/ molasses
1 200g  226g 320g
3/4 150g 162g 240g
2/3 133g 144g 213g
1/2 100g 108g 160g
1/3 67g 72g 107g
1/4 50g 54g 80g
1 13g 14g  20g
1 4g 5g 7g

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Dairy – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Tsp Parmesan cheese, grated Strained (Greek-style) yogurt Milk/ Light cream/ heavy cream Ricotta
1 110g  230g  240g 250g
3/4 83g 173g 180g 188g
2/3 74g 153g 160g 167g
1/2 55g 115g 120g 125g
1/3 37g 77g 80g 84g
1/4 28g 58g 60g 63g
1 7g 15g 15g 16g
1 2g 5g 5g 5g

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Butter (cup, stick, pound, ounce, gram)*

Cup Tbsp grams pound ounces sticks
455 1
1 230  8  2
14 200 7
3/4 170 6
2/3 155 5.5
10 140 5
9 125 4.5
1/2 115 4  1
7 100 3.5
6 85 3
1/3 70 2.5
1/4 58 2  1/2
3 40 1.5
1 15 0.5

* Ounces are rounded to the nearest 0.1 ounce and grams to the nearest 5 grams.

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Nuts – whole – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Macadamia nuts, shelled Cashews, shelled / Chestnuts, shelled, cooked hazelnut (whole blanched) Pistachio (whole blanched) Almonds, shelled
1 125g  130g  135g 140g
3/4 95g 98g 101g 105g
2/3 85g 87g 90g 93g
1/2 65g 65g 68g 70g
1/3 40g 43g 45g 47g
1/4 30g 33g 34g 35g
1 8g 8g 8g 9g

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Nuts – pieces – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Almond/ hazelnut/ pistachio – sliced Walnut shelled halves Unsweetened shredded dried coconut
1  100g  90g  80g
3/4 75g 68g 60g
2/3 57g 60g 53g
1/2 50g 45g 40g
1/3 33g 30g 27g
1/4 25g 23g 20g
1 6g 6g 5g

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Nuts – butter – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Almond butter/ Black sesame butter Tahini (sesame butter)
1  240g  300g
3/4 180g 225g
2/3 160g 200g
1/2 120g 150g
1/3 80g 100g
1/4 60g 75g
1 15g 18g

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Seeds – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Sesame seeds/ flax seeds/ poppy seeds Pine nut/ sunflower seeds Pumpkin seeds
1  160g  150g  130g
3/4 120g 105g 98g
2/3 107g 93g 87g
1/2 80g 70g 65g
1/3 53g 47g 43g
1/4 40g 35g 33g
1 10g 9g 8g

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Chocolate – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Chocolate, grated Cocoa powder/ Cacao nibs/ Chocolate, roughly chopped Chocolate chips
1 100g  120g  160g
3/4 75g 90g 120g
2/3 67g 80g 107g
1/2 50g 60g 80g
1/3 33g 40g 53g
1/4 25g 30g 40g
1 6g 8g 10g

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Fruits – cups to grams

Cup Tbsp Raspberry/ strawberry Blueberries Sour cherry/ Pomegranate seeds Blackberry/ Raisins Red currant
1  120g  135g  140g  150g  160g
3/4 90g 101g 105g 113g 120g
2/3 80g 90g 93g 100g 107g
1/2 60g 68g 70g 75g 80g
1/3 40g 45g 47g 50g 53g
1/4 30g 34g 35g 38g 40g
1  8g  8g  9g  9g  10g

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Vegetables – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Baby spinach leaves Cauliflower florets Carrots, grated (loosely packed) Fava beans, shelled/ Shallots or onions, finely chopped Green peas, shelled Tomato paste
1  30g  85g  90g  120g  145g 300g
3/4 23g 64g 58g 90g 109g 225g
2/3 20g 57g 60g 80g 97g 200g
1/2 15g 43g 45g 60g 73g 150g
1/3 10g 28g 30g 40g 48g 100g
1/4 8g 21g 23g 30g 36g 75g
1 2g 5g 6g 8g 9g 19g

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Herbs – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Basil (packed)/ Parsley, loosely packed Parsley, finely chopped
1  15g  60g
3/4 13g 45g
2/3 10g 40g
1/2 7g 30g
1/3 5g 20g
1/4 1g 15g
1 4g

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Egg (Large)

Tablespoon Grams Ounces
1 large egg (in the shell) 62-71
1 large egg (without shell) 54 1.9
1 large egg yolk 1 20 0.7
1 large egg white 2 35 1.23

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Yeast substitution (fresh to active dry to instant)

 Fresh yeast Instant (Fast rising) yeast Active dry yeast 
 100g (3.5oz)  33g (1.16 oz)  41g (1.45 oz)
21g (0.74 oz)
1 1/4 blocks (0.6-oz size)
7g (1/4 oz)
2 1/4 tsp
1 package
8.7g (0.3 oz)
3 tsp
1 1/4 package
17g  (0.6 oz)
1 block (0.6-oz size)
6g (0.2 oz)
1 2/3 tsp
7 g  (0.25 oz)
2 tsp
1 package
8.5g (0.3 oz)
1/2 block (0.6-oz size)
3.1 g (0.1 oz)
1 tsp
3.77g (0.12 oz)
1 1/3 tsp
 5.7g (0.2 oz)
1/3 block (0.6-ounce size)
 2.33g (0.08 oz)
3/4 tsp
 3.5g (0.1 oz)
 2.5g   1g   1.25g
2g  0.8g   1g
 1g 0.4g 0.5g

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Other – cups & tbsp to grams

Cup Tbsp Baby shrimp, shelled, cooked/ Dried bread crumbs Capers Olives
1  100g  120g  180g
3/4 75g 90g 135g
2/3 67g 80g 120g
1/2 50g 60g 90g
1/3 33g 40g 60g
1/4 25g 30g 45g
1 6g 8g 11g

If you need the conversion information for an ingredient that is not here, please ask in the comments below — I continue to update this list regularly.

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Rebecca Douglas

Conversion for 58grams of whey powder
Thank you

I appreciate your comment and I will prepare a new table for “Protein Powder”.
Just quick answering your question: 1/2 Cup Whey Protein Powder = 48g
So for 58-60g of Whey Protein Powder I would use 1/2 cup (48g) + 1 tbsp (12g).
Hope it helps.
Thanks for reading and sharing.
Remember, once you make my recipes, I would love to see your creations, so please let me know!
Leave a comment below, take a photo and tag it on your preferred Social Media with hashtag #Fast2eat.
And also subscribe to receive new posts updates.


can you please do this for meringue powder

Hello Christine,

  • 2 teaspoons of meringue powder (6g/0.211644oz) + 2 tablespoons water = 1 egg white.
  • One 8oz (226g) container is about 75 teaspoons or 25 tablespoons.
  • While replacing meringue powder with powdered eggs always substitute 1 tbsp of meringue powder with 2 tbsp of powdered eggs. Do not alter the quantity of the water and proceed with the recipe in the usual way.
  • For one 8″ pie
    9 level tbsps meringue powder
    5 tbsps. warm water
    dash of flavouring (optional)
    For larger quantity
    454g (1lb) of meringue powder
    284ml (10oz) warm water
    Place meringue powder and water in a bowl. Stir until dissolved then whip at high speed until desired peak is obtained (approximately 7 minutes).
    Royal Icing:
    1 cup (1/2 lb) meringue powder
    3 1/2 cups (1 1/4 lbs) icing sugar lightly packed lump free
    140ml (5oz) hot tap water (100-120 °F)
    Pinch of cream of tartar (optional)
    Blend meringue powder and water at low speed for 1 minute. Blend for 4-7 minutes at high speed until thick, soft peaks form.
    Gradually blend in icing sugar (and cream of tartar if desired) while mixing at low speed. Keep icing covered with a damp cloth while using. Store in an airtight container, no need to refrigerate. Reblend at low speed before use.
    Note: Keep all utensils completely grease-free for proper icing consistency.
    Yield: 4 cups.
    **For stiffer icing, use less water.

    Hope it helps.
    Thanks for reading and sharing.
    Remember, once you make my recipes, I would love to see your creations, so please let me know!
    Leave a comment below, take a photo and tag it on your preferred Social Media with hashtag #Fast2eat.
    And also subscribe to receive new posts updates


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