Fast2eat has partnered with Dubrazil to share new and simple Brazilian recipes your family will love!

Those recipes were prepared with DuBrazil products:

LeadFoods Jerked Beef

Sazon Tempero para Carnes

Vapza Arracacha Cooked

Smoked Calabrese Sausage (Brazilian style)

Toscana sausage

Vapza Arracacha Cooked

Elephant Tomato Extract

Caldo bom extra-fine potato sticks

Yoki potato sticks

Yoki Corn Meal

Royal Baking Powder

Bis Lacta Milk Chocolate

Bis Lacta White Chocolate

Gluten-free flour Mixture Amafil

Sococo Grated Coconut

Menina Coconut Milk

Royal Baking Powder

Banquet Latin America Chorizo Colombian

Smoked Paio Sausage

Frutae Passion Fruit Pulp

Mabel Cornstarch Cookie

Thanks to DuBrazil for supplying the products to help me create those recipes!

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