Can you help our marketing strategy?

Can you help our marketing strategy?

Our commitment to marketing would be providing all graphic design templates to put around, that will have Fast2eat branding and the Food Services branding.

Our package includes graphics for poster-size, business card size, table-topper size, a large 22″ x 22″ “Fast2eat Pickup Here” sign, and t-shirt.

And we are more than happy to design, with no cost, any other graphic size you may need. The printing would be the responsibility of the Food Vendor.

Another promotional method we recommend to supplement the printed material is volunteers who will do a street team and let people around know about the online order option.

Social media is also another helpful tool, and we will leverage our social media accounts to generate a buzz on your location.

You can also use our coupon feature to create, at the admin area, any coupon you might want to promote your food service. The use of coupons is a marketing tool to be used to grow customer’s sales through promotions (e.g. discounts, extra benefits, etc.). The coupons may also be used in contests as a way to promote the use of Fast2eat and attract the attention of diners to your restaurant.


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