How much to buy?

How much to buy?
Keep in mind, these tips are from my own experience, I’m not a party organizer nor am I a sommelier or a turophile (a cheese connoisseur). I just love cheese, wine and spending time with my friends.

Quantities always depend on what you know about your guests. And also if it’s summer or winter…

The rule of thumb is to have about 4-6 cheeses (depending of the number of people), serving 25-60g (1-2 ounces) of each type of cheese per person, as well as 60-140g (2-5 ounces) of meat (cold cuts and/or seafood) per person. Store-bought condiments, fruit compotes, nuts in syrup, chutneys and honey make great sweet accompaniments, along with dried fruit and nuts. Offer a selection of breads and crackers, too. And any optional you may like.

The Cheese

Try to include a variety of textures and flavours.

For a good balance of tastes and textures, pick a variety of cheeses, one of each type.

You may want to have at least:

  • one soft cheese
  • one bloomy cheese
  • one semi-soft/mild cheese
  • one hard/aged cheese
  • one crumbly stinky blue cheese (if your guests like them)
  • one washed rind cheese (if your guests like them)

You may also want to include a smoked cheese, and milk types (cow, sheep, goat) variations. Mix mild and stinky. This will ensure a range of different flavours on the plate.

When assembling a cheese board, go for different flavours (sharp, nutty, buttery), textures (soft, hard, crumbly), types of milk (sheep, cow, goat) and colours.

Avoid everyday cheeses like semi-soft “pizza” mozzarella, young cheddar and others.

  • For parties of 4 to 10 people, choose at least 3 or 5 cheese varieties. 1 or 2 platter.
  • For parties of 10 to 15 people, choose at least 5 or 6 cheese varieties. 2 or 3 patters.
  • For a great cheese selection prepare a table with at least 6 to 12 cheeses varieties. About 3 cheeses per platter.

Per person, per cheese

If it is the main/only dish on an appetizer table, you need about 25-60g (1-2 ounces) of each cheese per person (a little less for strong cheeses, and a little more for soft, creamy cheeses). Since you are looking at about 120-200g (4-7 ounces) of cheese per person.

Cheese isn’t cheap, and if you put too much out, people won’t remember any of it. To give your star cheeses their chance to impress, limit your selection to 5 or 6 at most, and consider serving even fewer for a smaller gathering. As long as you have a mix of flavours and textures on a plate, you’re golden. Within your handful of cheeses, though, be sure to choose various milks, ages, textures, and flavours to avoid monotony and allow each cheese to make an impression.

Charcuterie (cold cuts) and/or Seafood

Aim for about 60-140g (2-5 oz.) of meat per person. It’s pretty rich.

The vehicle – Crackers and breads

Have at least 3 types of bread on your table. Offer crusty breads, flat breads and a variety of crackers. You can choose from 2 savoury breads, 1 dark/whole wheat and 1 lightly sweet with raisins and/or walnuts. The latter helps to ‘recover’ the taste and accentuates the flavour of the cheese.

You need about 85-150 (3-5 ounces) of breads and crackers per person (the lesser amount for mostly crackers, the larger amount for mostly breads).

The wine

For every 6 people, 2 bottles of white wines and 1 bottle of red wine.

For 20 people, 6 whites and 4 reds.

How Many Glasses of Wine Can I get From a Bottle?

1 750 ml (25.36 oz) bottle = 5 (150ml / 5 oz.) servings

1 case, 12 x 750 ml (25.36 oz) bottles = 60 (150ml / 5oz) servings

Non-alcoholic drinks

You need about 500 ml (17 oz.) per person of chilled sparkling apple cider or pear cider, juices, and sparkling mineral water.

Hot tea – If you go this route, choose flavourful teas that have distinctive notes to them: try 2-3 black teas with one oolong and a green to expand the variety. Make enough of each for everyone to get a good taste of each.

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Note: I get really excited about cheese and wine, so it’s difficult for me to be brief when there is so much wonderful information to share!

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