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How to use Shopping List

Click on the “Shopping List” button to generate a shopping list for all of the recipes in your collection.

To alter the servings, you want to make for each recipe, use the minus (-) and the plus (+) icons.

Or set it to “0″ if you don’t want to shop for this particular recipe.

Then, choose the Shopping list options, and click on the “Generate Shopping List” button to generate the shopping list.

Note: If you have any old* Shopping List, you can choose “Print Shopping List” or “Regenerate Shopping List.”

Remember, if you regenerate it, you will only be able to reaccess the old* Shopping List with the share link.

*Important: Shopping lists that haven’t been updated in 30 days will be automatically deleted.

The shopping list can group ingredients by different groups categories.

Click on the checkbox in front of the ingredients to indicate the ones you already have.

Click on “Edit Shopping List” to:

  • Add New item – Click on “Add Item”
  • Add New Group – Click on “Add Group”
  • Delete () Items or Groups
  • Edit the Item and group name
  • Edit the Item quantities
  • Reorder () them

Once you have done it, click on “Stop Editing.”

To share the link with others, just “Right-click and copy and copy it.”

Once it is ready, click on “Save Shopping List.” 

Use the buttons at the bottom to “Print Shopping List”!

If you edit the shopping list, add more items or recipes to the collection, you can always “Regenerate Shopping List.”


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