Make-ahead & How to store Brie

Make-ahead & How to store Brie

Keep in mind that these tips are from my own experience. I’m not a party organizer, nor am I a sommelier or a turophile (a cheese connoisseur). I just love cheese, wine and spending time with my friends.

Wrapped Baked Brie is best when baked as close to serving time as possible. It’s not something you want to bake ahead of time and reheat because the pastry will get soggy.

However, you can assemble the Brie ahead of time.

The prep for this appetizer is so minimal that this “make-ahead” tip might sound silly, but it’s always nice to check small steps off the list and know that all you have to do before the party is put the Brie in the oven to bake.

Wrap the assembled Brie in foil or plastic sprayed with cooking spray, so it doesn’t stick to the uncooked dough. Tightly wrap and store in a resealable bag or airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

When ready to bake, remove from the foil. If you want, brush with egg wash to the top or add honey or maple syrup just before baking.

Taking to a party

Bake the Brie at home. Cover baked Brie loosely with foil to keep warm during transportation. If necessary, place it in a warm oven for a few minutes (better option). Or, if you don’t have an oven, re-warm the Brie in the microwave oven for a few seconds before serving.


It is recommended that Brie cheese be refrigerated immediately after purchase and stored in the refrigerator until consumed completely.

It is very rich and creamy. This softness allows for the rapid, widespread growth of bacteria if the cheese is not stored correctly or left outside the fridge.

The optimal storage temperature for Brie is 4 °C (39 °F) or even lower.

Cutting into Brie halts the ripening process. It’s best to eat or freeze Brie within 1–3 weeks of opening the package, as it will continue to ripen in your fridge. Once you open the wrapped wedge, the most important thing to remember is to keep leftover Brie well wrapped. A good wrap keeps the air and strong odours from the fridge out and the moisture in. It also prevents mould spores from spreading throughout the refrigerator and contaminating other food.

In the unlikely circumstance you have leftovers, remember to discard any Brie that has been at room temperature for longer than 4 hours.

It is important to refrigerate it promptly in its original packaging if possible.

If you can’t use the original wrap, the trick is to wrap the remaining cheese in cheese wrap or waxed paper or parchment paper – avoid using plastic wrap for fresh Brie. This will allow the rind to continue to breathe and stay dry.

Once it’s been baked, plastic wrap is okay for leftovers. Store baked Brie tightly wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator.

Just remember, Brie is best served at room temperature. Thus, it’s good to take it out of the fridge about half an hour before serving.

How Long Does Brie Cheese Last?

Most people love Brie cheese for its mild creamy flavour. If you stock up on it, you eventually have to ask yourself: “does Brie cheese go bad?”

Or maybe you’re not sure how to tell if Brie cheese is bad.

In most foods, whenever you see mould, you know that the product is spoiled. But since Brie comes with a rind of white mould, that method obviously doesn’t work.

The cheese comes with a best-by (or use-by, or sell-by) date, but unlike almost all other food products, eating it as soon as you buy it isn’t optimal. On the contrary, many producers recommend enjoying it near the date on the label for peak quality.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with eating it right away. You just should be aware that the taste and texture of Brie change over time.

Most manufacturers recommend consuming the entire package by the expiration date. However, if the cheese looks and smells fine past its use-by date, it’s generally safe to eat as long as it has been pasteurized.

That also means that the cheese won’t spoil right after the date on the label, but all the processes happening inside it will continue. That means that the cheese should still be quite tasty a week past that date. But sooner or later, you’ll end up with overripe Brie, which doesn’t satisfy your palate.

Nevertheless, children, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems should not eat expired Brie — even if it looks and smells normal — due to the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria.

How to tell If Brie cheese is bad?

First off, look for any signs of mould that’s not native to white-mould cheeses.

If blue, green mould or red spores appear to be growing on the cheese, it must no longer be consumed and must be discarded immediately to prevent food-borne illness.

With harder cheeses like Parmesan, you can cut off mouldy areas and eat the remainder of the product. However, visible mould in soft varieties like Brie often indicates that mould spores have contaminated the entire cheese. So, it would be best if you do not cut off the mould to continue consumption, as there is a high risk of the mould’s spores being already spread throughout the entire cheese.

If the surface is okay, cut a slice and judge its quality. If it has a darkened colour, smells off, or the texture is altered, throw it out.

Please remember that Brie cheese continues to mature the whole time you store it. So while after two or three weeks past the date on the label, it might still be perfectly safe to eat, the taste likely won’t be anywhere near acceptable.

In addition, overripe Brie — or Brie that has been aged for too long — may be excessively runny and have a strong ammonia odour, which comes from the bacteria used during manufacturing. Although it’s safe to eat, overripe Brie may have an off-putting taste and smell.

If the taste isn’t good enough, throw it out.

Don’t expect old Brie to go sour as cottage cheese or ricotta do. If it gets to a point where its flavour is too strong, or it’s more than a week after its date, it’s time to let it go.

Can you freeze Brie?

Well, the general consensus is that you shouldn’t freeze soft cheeses. But if it’s either freezing or leaving it to go bad, freezing is definitely a better choice.

Brie can be frozen for up to 6 months if tightly wrapped in foil and placed in a freezer-safe bag.

Nonetheless, like with freezing cottage cheese or yogurt, or any other dairy products, the texture will be changed after thawing. Brie will become crumbly and more suitable for cooking rather than serving as an appetizer.

Can be wrapped Brie frozen?

Yes! If you want to get ahead, you can wrap the Brie in pastry (hold off on the egg wash), wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, and freeze it. When you’re ready to bake, unwrap it, brush with egg wash, and bake directly from frozen. You may need to bake for a few extra minutes for the cheese to soften thoroughly.

Can You Reheat Baked Brie?

Baked Brie tastes and looks best right after being baked, but you can reheat it.
Remove wrapping and place cheese on a foil or parchment paper-lined baking sheet to reheat.

Rewarm in an oven at 93-149°C/200-300°F until the centre melts.

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Make-ahead & How to store Brie

Brie is a classic cheese with a rich texture and history to match! It’s sure to add an indulgent and sophisticated touch to any meal, cheese board or snack without being too overpowering. Once you know how to eat Brie, there are endless options for using its creamy, desirable flavour. Go ahead and try Brie in new ways and be sure to share your creations with us by tagging @fast2eatca on Instagram.

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