The best pizza toppings ideas for homemade pizza

What are the best pizza toppings ideas for homemade pizza?

Making homemade pizza is a fun and delicious way to enjoy a homemade meal with family and friends. Almost everyone likes pizza. One of the best things about making your own pizza is the ability to customize the toppings to your specific taste preferences. People have different preferences when it comes to pizza toppings, but there are some popular choices that many people enjoy. Whether you prefer classic toppings like pepperoni and mushrooms or get more adventurous with toppings like grilled chicken or artichoke hearts, there are endless possibilities for creating the perfect homemade pizza. This article will talk about different types of pizza crusts, how to make them at home, and creative topping ideas to inspire your next pizza night and give you the tools to create a truly mouthwatering homemade pizza. So, grab a slice and let’s get started!

Pizza crust

The pizza crust is an essential component of any delicious pizza. It holds the delightful toppings and flavour together. Whether you prefer a thin, crunchy crust or a thicker, deeper dish style, there’s no denying the importance of getting the crust how you like it.
My favourite pizza crust recipes are the gluten-free Tapioca Pizza Crusttraditional white pizza100% Whole Wheat Pizza, Cornmeal Parmesan pizza crustGarlic Parmesan Italian Pizza crustGluten-free pizza dough.

Pizza toppings ideas

Mozzarella is a must on pizza; every pizza should have it. Try different toppings to find your favourite pizza combo. Have fun experimenting with flavours until you find your perfect match. Some yummy classics are:


People love cheese on their pizza because it’s delicious and melts quickly. Some chefs think too much cheese can make your pizza heavy, but I’m afraid I have to disagree because I love cheese. You can choose classic mozzarella or try new kinds like Buffalo mozzarella, feta, blue cheese, gouda, parmesan, provolone, grana padano, goat cheese, burrata, fontina, and ricotta to enjoy different flavours.


Adding meat to pizza makes it taste excellent because of the saltiness, but other options exist besides pepperoni. Meat lovers can enjoy toppings such as salami, sausage, bacon, grilled or shredded chicken, Prosciutto, and ham.


Thanks to the USA, pepperoni pizza is a famous pizza topping worldwide. It’s a simple option for anyone who wants pizza and is easy to make. Pepperoni is a cured meat that goes well with high heat and adds a salty, crunchy, and flavourful topping. The oil from the pepperoni blends into the pizza, making it even more delicious. It’s a popular choice when people want a reliable pizza option.


The sausage pizza is excellent. Even though there are many types of sausage now, an old-fashioned sausage pizza is still the best. The sausage was one of the first toppings for pizza. People forget about it because it’s been around for so long.


Bacon is a versatile food that goes well with many things, like burgers, chicken, and even more bacon! You can even use it to make a taco shell or put it on pizza – and that’s not just limited to regular bacon, as Canadian bacon is just as good. Bacon is delicious and goes great with pizza, so we should all try a bacon pizza.

Barbecue chicken

Barbecue chicken pizza has become a popular menu item at small pizza shops. It doesn’t matter who came up with the idea; chicken on pizza tastes good, especially with barbecue sauce. Adding barbecue chicken to pizza has allowed for more unique toppings to be added.


Vegetables are yummy and can make pizza better! If you don’t eat meat, you can put things on top of your pizza like mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, olives, spinach, tomatoes, artichokes, pepperoncini, and roasted vegetables like eggplants, zucchini, garlic, slow-roasted and dried tomatoes.


Mushroom pizza is not just a boring option anymore. It used to be only added to pizza with other toppings, like pepperoni or onions. Varieties of mushrooms, such as portobello, porcini, and wild, can be put on pizza alone. These mushrooms have a robust, fresh flavour that tastes good without other toppings. Try a mushroom pizza and see how it will change your life.


Spinach doesn’t get enough credit for being a delicious topping. However, it is delicious on pizza! It works on all kinds of pizza. If you think spinach tastes bitter, don’t worry – the pizza dough and cheese will make it taste better.


Artichokes taste yummy and unique. It’s a potato texture with a slightly nutty, sweet taste. They are perfect for pizza because they are creamy. If you like your pizza with vegetables, you should try it with artichokes too.

Slow roasted tomatoes

Slow-roasted tomatoes are a delicious and easy way to enhance the flavour of your pizza toppings. Add them to your pizza toppings and some fresh mozzarella cheese and basil leaves. These slow-roasted tomatoes will add a sweet and tangy flavour to your pizza crust and pair perfectly with the salty cheese. Enjoy your homemade pizza with a delicious twist!

Dried tomatoes

Dried tomatoes have a lot of flavour and taste delicious on pizza. They are oven dried, which makes them have a sweeter taste than regular tomatoes. Even though there is already tomato sauce on the pizza, adding dried tomatoes makes it even better!

Black olives

Black olive pizza is excellent. The salty, earthy flavour goes well with the sauce and cheese. Any olive will work on a pizza, but a black olive pizza is always a good choice.


I like putting fruit on my pizza because it combines sweet and savoury flavours. If you also want to add fruit, do it after baking the pizza to avoid making it soggy. Try putting fresh or canned pineapple, strawberries, peaches, pears, figs, or apples on your pizza for a unique twist.


Pineapple used to only be on Hawaiian pizza, but now it’s a popular topping because it goes well with cheese and sauce. It’s like pizza’s perfect match.


Make your pizza spicy by adding some jalapeños, banana peppers or red pepper flakes.


Add toppings like shrimp, clam, or smoked salmon to try something new.

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon is a favourite ingredient for many pizza lovers, adding a delicious and distinct flavour to any slice. To make the perfect smoked salmon pizza topping:

  • Start with freshly made pizza dough and spread a thin layer of your favourite sauce, such as white sauce, pesto, or garlic oil.
  • Add mozzarella and cream cheese to add richness and texture.
  • Bake in a preheated oven until the crust is golden brown and the cheese is melted.
  • Remove from the oven and top the pizza with smoked salmon, thinly sliced red onions, and capers.


If you don’t like pizza sauce, try clam pizza. It’s usually on a thin crust, and the crispy crust with sweet, slightly salty clams goes great with cheese and dough.


Make your pizza fancy by adding one of these tasty toppings: truffle oil, prosciutto, pesto, arugula, goat cheese, honey, sliced almonds, pecans, sea salt, balsamic honey, or balsamic reduction or glaze.


Fresh basil and oregano taste great and look pretty on your pizza. You can pick them from your garden and add them to your food.


Basil tastes peppery, spicy and a little minty. It goes really well with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, especially on pizza. You don’t need anything else.

Pizza topping some people love, others hate

The beauty of pizza is that it can be customized to fit each person’s tastes, whether that means a classic pepperoni and cheese or a more adventurous combination of toppings.


Some people may enjoy corn as a pizza topping, while others may not. It ultimately depends on personal preference. However, it’s important to ensure that any toppings you choose are fresh and of good quality to provide a delicious and safe pizza.


Prosciutto is a type of salty meat. Some people find it too salty to eat alone, so they eat it with melon. While prosciutto is a popular pizza topping, some people find it too salty to enjoy. To help balance the saltiness, it’s often paired with other ingredients like arugula or figs. Whether you like prosciutto on your pizza depends on your taste.


Some people like eggs, while others prefer more usual toppings. It depends on personal preference. You could try boiled egg slices on your pizza. It might sound unconventional, but it’s pretty delicious! The eggs give a smooth texture and a different flavour which pairs well with other toppings. Give it a try next time you’re making homemade pizza!

Toppings you should avoid

When it comes to pizza toppings, there are some that you should avoid. However, it’s your choice what you put on your pizza.


While tuna can be a delicious ingredient in certain dishes, it may not be the best addition to a pizza. Tuna has a distinct flavour that may not complement the overall taste of the pizza, and the texture of canned tuna can be somewhat stringy and chewy, which may not be appealing on a pizza.


Dill doesn’t go well with pizza crust. A pizza needs a balanced amount of toppings, and dill overpowers it. So, it’s not worth trying.


Avocado is a popular and healthy ingredient that can be used in many dishes. However, as a pizza topping, it may not be the best choice. Avocado has a soft and creamy texture that does not bake well on a pizza. The heat from the oven can turn avocado brown and mushy, making it unappetizing and unappealing to eat. Additionally, avocados may not complement the flavours of pizza toppings such as tomato sauce, cheese, and cured meats. Thus, avoiding avocado as a pizza topping is better. Consider using it as a dip, spread, or in salads instead.


Capicola, or coppa, is a traditional Italian cured meat often used as a pizza topping. While it may sound delicious, Capicola should be avoided as a pizza topping for several reasons. Firstly, Capicola can be pretty fatty, making the pizza oilier and greasier than desired. Secondly, Capicola is very salty, so adding it as a pizza topping may result in an overly salty pizza that can overwhelm the taste buds. Lastly, Capicola has a strong and distinctive flavour that may not be enjoyed by everyone. Combined with other toppings, it may overpower different flavours and make the pizza less enjoyable. Ultimately, while Capicola may be a tasty addition to certain dishes, it is best to avoid it as a pizza topping to ensure a balanced and delicious pizza.


While it is true that broccoli is a healthy vegetable, it may not be the best choice for a pizza topping. Broccoli goes with cheese. Broccoli goes with dough. Broccoli goes with red sauce. Put them all together, and it doesn’t work at all. Broccoli can become too soggy and limp when cooked on top of a pizza, compromising the overall texture and flavour of the pizza.


Venison is often considered a premium and exotic meat, but it might not be a suitable topping for pizza. Although it has a unique and strong flavour, it might be overpowering and clash with the other toppings. Additionally, venison is a lean meat that can dry out quickly, resulting in tough and chewy meat on the pizza.
From a practical standpoint, finding a reliable source of venison that is fresh and safe to eat might be difficult. While venison might seem like an extravagant and interesting choice for a pizza topping, it might be best to stick with more tried-and-true toppings that are flavourful and easy to source. You can eat all the deer you want, but keep it off the pizza.


Carrots belong in cakessoufflé, or Bunny cartoons. Pizza is not a proper resting place for a carrot. Carrots have a distinct taste and texture that do not complement the flavours and textures typically found in pizza toppings. Combining the sweetness and crunch of carrots with the savoury elements of pizza could create a confusing and unsatisfying taste experience. Moreover, carrots contain a lot of water and can release excess moisture that could make the pizza crust soggy.
However, suppose you insist on including carrots in your pizza. It is recommended to roast them first to reduce their moisture content and intensify their flavours. Experimenting and finding new flavour combinations is always fun, but some ingredients may not always work well together.


While some argue that peas have a place on a pizza as a topping, they are not a popular or traditional option. Peas lack the flavour, texture, and overall appeal to make a successful pizza topping choice. Their soft texture can become mushy and unappetizing when baked with pizza dough, and their taste can be overpowering and unpleasant in combination with other typical pizza toppings. Additionally, peas’ bright green colour can clash with other ingredients’ colours and create a visually unappealing pizza. With so many tried and proper pizza toppings available, it’s best to avoid peas on your pizza and stick to what works.

No cheese

That’s a big breadstick with a salad on top of it. It’s creative, but it’s not pizza. If you have a lactose issue or don’t like cheese, you shouldn’t eat it. You could eat a focaccia instead. There are ways to eat a pizza without sauce, but pizza without cheese isn’t a pizza.

Traditional pizzas around the world

Pizza has become a global food phenomenon, originating in Naples, Italy. However, pizza has evolved to suit regional and cultural tastes. Various toppings, such as pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions, are popular in the United States. In Japan, seafood is a prevalent pizza topping, whereas, in Brazil, calabresa sausage is a staple. In Russia, the pizza is typically suffused with sour cream instead of tomato sauce. The Indian version of pizza, known as the ‘desi pizza,’ generally has a thicker crust and is topped with paneer, a type of cheese. Australia and New Zealand have their take, such as the ‘Aussie pizza’ and ‘Kiwi pizza,’ respectively. Nowadays, the creativity of pizza-making has no bounds, and it is a dish that can be customized in various ways to suit everyone’s taste preferences.

Sweet pizzas

Sweet pizzas can be a delicious and creative twist to traditional savoury flavours. These pizzas generally contain toppings commonly associated with desserts or sweet treats. Some popular toppings include Nutella, fruits, marshmallows, caramel, and chocolate chips. They usually fall into one of two main categories: chocolate or banana. Chocolate pizzas can have different toppings like chocolate sprinkles, brigadeiro (a delicious Brazilian sweet made with condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate sprinkles), M&M’s, strawberries, or brownie chunks. Banana pizzas usually have sugar, cinnamon, and mozzarella under the bananas. Sweet pizzas are particularly popular among children and for special events like birthdays or parties. They can be prepared using traditional pizza dough or variations like cookie dough or crescent rolls. Sweet pizzas can also have stuffed crusts with different types of chocolates or hazelnut and cocoa creams. The best thing about sweet pizzas is the endless possibilities for customization and experimentation. Whether you are a fan of decadent sweets or prefer a simpler approach, there is a sweet pizza recipe out there for everyone to enjoy.

Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauces can taste different, and there are many sauce options available. You can try mixing it up or skip it entirely and add some dollops of ricotta on top of your mozzarella.

  • Tomato sauce is essential for making excellent pizza; creating your own sauce only requires a few ingredients. 
  • Pesto sauce offers a twist on the traditional pizza taste, and basil pesto is easy to make in just a few minutes. 
  • Salsa works well as a sauce, but thicker salsas are better to avoid making the crust soggy. 
  • Alfredo (Béchamel) sauce is a creamy, easy way to switch up your pizza game, and store-bought sauce works fine. 
  • White garlic sauce is a creamy alternative to tomato-based pizza sauce. 
  • Cream cheese and garlic sauce are also great, and you can make it at home by mixing cream cheese, garlic, oregano, black pepper, and milk to your desired consistency. 
  • Roasted red pepper sauce is also a tasty option for pizza sauce.

These are just examples of pizza toppings. Feel free to choose what you like.
Have you picked one yet? Or you made your own?
Please leave a comment below with your latest creation.

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