Fast2eat Recipes FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Thank you for your interest.

Please click on the following topics for relevant information. I sincerely wish I could respond to everyone, but if you don’t find your question here, please contact me here or comment below!

Recipe questions and feedback

Please leave a public comment on the recipe page. That way, other readers will be able to see the answers to your question and will benefit from your feedback.

Scroll past the recipe and you will find the comment form. Comments are checked on a near-daily basis Monday through Friday and answered as soon as possible.

Please DO NOT e-mail me with questions or feedback about recipes. I can’t keep up with them! I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

General questions and feedback

Happy to hear from you! I try really hard to respond to every reader’s email. It might take me a few days to get back to you (occasionally longer, when I’m working on a big project or on vacation or holiday). Please contact me here or comment below!

However, if you have questions or comments about a specific recipe please leave a public comment on that recipe’s page. You’re far more likely to get a quick response there, and other readers will benefit from the answer, too.

Why haven’t you answered my e-mail and/or comment?

I have a hard time keeping up. I do my best to reply to every comment and e-mail I receive, but I am not always successful, and for that, I apologize.

Deleted Comments

I try never to censor comments. I welcome opinions differing from mine. But I ask that you post only words that you would feel comfortable saying aloud to me in person, and I reserve the right to delete any comment that is hurtful or nasty. I will also censor gratuitous profanity, nastiness, or plain off-topic wordiness.

Furthermore links to commercial websites aren’t allowed in the comments on this site, and readers should refrain from putting links of any sort in the comment areas unless they’re relevant to the subject of the post and enhance the conversation. Comments can be edited or removed at the discretion of the moderators(s).

Sharing my recipes

You are welcome to share my recipes and photos through social media as long as you prominently link back to the original post.

You do not need to ask my permission to link to content published here but you DO need my permission to publish my recipes and photos.

I may allow people to use my recipes and photos with the express permission that you link to my original post if you do. So if you’d like to use them on your blog, contact me here to ask if you can use it. If you don’t hear back, the answer is “No.”

And remember, when you adapt my recipe please acknowledge the source with “adapted from…” with the link to designate the source of my recipe.

Thank you for promoting my work!

Who takes the photographs on Fast2eat Recipes?

Except where noted, I do! As you have already noticed I am not a professional photographer, I just use my phone to take photos of Fast2eat recipes. If you made any of Fast2eat recipes and want your photo here, I will be happy to check it, and if I like, it will be published and noted with your name and a link to your page (if you have one).

Publish a reader recipe

I have an amazing Fast recipe. Can you publish it at Fast2eat Recipes?

Absolutely, just send me the recipe with all detailed instructions, and I will make it, if I like and feel it is appropriated I will send a message asking for photos and more details, if needed. I will also put your name as the author and once I have a few contributors I will make a page with the profile of the favourite ones with their recipes.

Recipe Development

I can create unique recipes to highlight your food or related product. Please contact me to discuss any opportunities in detail.

Develop a recipe, then cook and serve it

If you want me to develop a recipe, then cook and serve it, I would be happy to do so, just send me the invitation and pay for my trip expenses and time.

I can also develop a weekly or monthly menu including the grocery list, based on your preference for a small fee.

Sorry I cannot work for free.

Sponsorship, Advertising Marketing inquiries

I’d enjoy partnering with high-quality brands that align with my foods philosophy. If you’re interested in a potential paid sponsorship, contact me here with “Sponsorship inquiry” in the subject line. Opportunities are limited! FYI: I need to try the product first and won’t promote anything that I don’t like. You will hear back from me only if I’m genuinely interested in your product/message.

For disclosure reasons, I do participate in the Amazon Associates program.

Product Reviews/Giveaways

If you have a product, cookbook, service or appliance that fits Fast2eat and our readers, I would love to host a review or giveaway!

Brand Ambassador

An opportunity to have Susana/Fast2eat representing your brand by blog posts, Twitter and Facebook mentions, videos, travel opportunities or even on a press trip. I love to share new products and travel opportunities with Fast2eat readers! Please contact me for more details.

Brand Events and Sponsored Trips

If your brand is hosting a food event or planning a press trip, I would love to attend, learn about your product or service and share the experience with Fast2eat readers.

Apps and startups

I’m sorry, I cannot offer free feedback to apps or startups, nor will I ask my audience to complete market surveys for you. I do not promote apps that I don’t find truly essential and I don’t accept unsolicited suggestions. Given time restraints, inquiries related to it will not receive a response.

My general policy is that I link only to sites that I read regularly. I do not accept requests to exchange links. However, if you’d like to leave me a comment and tell me about your blog, please do. I would love to know about it, and if I find myself stopping by often, I will certainly put up a link.

Mailing list

Please DO NOT add me to your mailing list.

Own or manage a restaurant?

Do you own or manage a restaurant and wants dinners also save time eating in your restaurant? You’re more than welcome to check out Fast2eat benefits for restaurant owners and request a Fast2eat demo  now. Looking forward to hearing from you.

How to use

Is there a list or an index of recipes around here somewhere?

All recipes using a specific ingredient

If you want to see all recipes using a specific ingredient. Just click on the ingredient in any recipe and it will send you to the page with all recipes using the same ingredient.

You can also search Fast2eat recipes by ingredients at the right sidebar tag.

Adjustable Servings

You can adjust the ingredient quantities to the number of servings that you’re actually going to make. Just change the number of servings and all ingredient quantities will be automatically changed in the recipe.

Print Recipe with no image

Just click on the little printer icon () at the left top area of the recipe box and this will open the recipe in a new window with all images and styling removed, to have a clean printed out recipe.

Get in Touch!
Please contact me here or comment below!

Disclosure: I can be occasionally compensated to provide my opinion on products, services, and pertinent topics. Although I receive compensation, all opinions are always my own and I need to try the product first and won’t promote anything that I don’t like. You will hear back from me only if I’m genuinely interested in your product/message.