How to make bread with a soft crust

How to make bread with a soft crust

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Swiss bread Fast2eatHow to make bread with a soft crust

While some prefer their bread to have a crunchy crust, you may be among those that prefer bread with a softer crust.

The way the crust comes out depends on a variety of factors.

The recipe

The recipe you use to make bread will determine the type of crust. It is easy to obtain a loaf of bread with a soft crust. You just need to find an adequate recipe and pay attention to some details.

French baguettes, for example, are made to come out with a thick and crispy crust. This is their charm, so the recipe is created to provide these results.

If you like a particular recipe but don’t enjoy the thick crust it forms, then there isn’t much you can do about it. If the type of bread is made to come out with a thick crust, it is hard to change this aspect if the recipe is not altered or adjusted.

Unfortunately, you cannot always have the desired type of bread and soft crust. To get that soft crust, you will have to change the recipe, opting for one that provides a soft crust right from the start.

High-fat dough

The ingredient that leads to a softer crust is the fat added to the dough during its preparation.

Whether we are talking about plain sunflower oil, olive oil, or any oil, the amount of fat in bread dough will also determine its softness on the outside and inside.

However, this doesn’t mean you can just add more oil to a French baguette recipe. It won’t work this way, and you risk getting bread with a thick crust and a slightly fatty core.

Brioche is a type of bread with a higher content of fat and soft crust, so you should have this kind of dough in mind.

High moister dough

You should aim at obtaining a softer and moister dough.

To enjoy a softer crust, you should also do your best for your loaf of bread to come up with a thinner crust. For this, you should not make the dough hard and dry.

Add sufficient liquids to the dough besides the fat content we talked about earlier. This meant incorporating a proper amount of water into the dough as well.

The recommended water amount depends very much on the recipe you are using. The main idea is to obtain a soft and elastic dough.

Baking time

Depending on the recipe you use, even if you use a recipe for a soft crust, if the dough bakes for too long, the crust will get too dry and, therefore, harder than you may prefer.

Getting the dough out of the oven too soon is not recommended either, as the middle of the bread can remain unbaked.

If the tan is still too pale, it means that the bread is not ready just yet.

When using egg yolk, the colour of the egg yolk as it bakes should be a good indicator of whether the loaf of bread is baked correctly. The bread should be ready when the egg yolk gets a beautiful golden-amber-like colour.

If you don’t use anything on the dough before placing it in the oven, it is easier to keep an eye on it as it bakes. The crust should get a beautiful tan colour.

But don’t rush to get your bread out of the oven. If you use sufficient fat, the crust will not be too thick or dry, even if it gets slightly brownish.

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