How to plan an unforgettable wine & cheese party


Hosting a wine and cheese party may seem daunting, but proper planning can make it a simple and enjoyable experience. Pairing different types of wines and cheeses together can be an artistic adventure that will impress your guests. Wine and cheese parties are perfect for social and professional gatherings and can be tailored to suit your tastes and preferences. With careful consideration of the atmosphere, menu, and guest list, you can create a memorable event that will leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. This guide will provide the essential steps to plan an unforgettable wine and cheese party, from selecting the perfect pairings to setting the mood for an evening of delightful indulgence.

Although it may seem fancy or intimidating, hosting a wine and cheese party can be easy with this guide on how to plan an unforgettable wine & cheese party.

A wine and cheese party is fun to celebrate the holidays with friends and family.
It is my favourite party to host, as it involves eating cheese and drinking wine with great company.


What to serve with the wine and cheese?

Pairing cheese with wine can make the flavours better or worse. Any cheese is good on a cheese board, but learning a little can make it even better.

We’re sharing ideas, not rules.
There are no “rules” in pairing wine and cheese, and much depends on personal likes and dislikes.

What should be included on a cheese board?

Add extra foods like salty snacks and sweet ingredients alongside your cheese board to make it more enjoyable. Add crackers and bread slices beside the cheeses they pair with to make it easier.

cheese categories Fast2eat

You can pair wine and cheese in many ways. To start, learning about the different kinds of cheese is helpful. Even if you make a mistake, it will still be delicious because it’s all cheese!

Cold cuts and seafood go well with cheese. When preparing a cheese board, it’s best to stick with one type and arrange it in two sections to give the impression of having two options.

Charcuterie = What to serve with the wine and cheese Fast2eat
Salty nibbles - What to serve with the wine and cheese Fast2eat

Put these salty nibbles in some nice small bowls and put them on the cheese board. The snacks don’t have to be the best quality, but they will keep people snacking and add more variety.

Add sweet things like jams, honey, maple syrup, and fresh fruits and vegetables to your meal.

honey - What to serve with the wine and cheese Fast2eat
Nuts - What to serve with the wine and cheese Fast2eat

Serve dried fruits and toasted nuts with cheese to add crunchiness and complement sweet and savoury flavours. After enjoying cheese, crackers, and cold cuts, your guests will appreciate the snacks.

Put out baskets of crackers and bread, including sliced baguettes and bread sticks in different shapes and sizes. You can make some bread using  Fast2eat bread recipes (not the flavoured ones).

The vehicle - Crackers and breads Fast2eat

The food can come with some extra things, like dips, spreads, and options for people who can’t eat dairy or gluten or prefer vegan food. It can also come with fresh herbs and flowers.


Cheese and Wine Pairing

A good wine and a good cheese can enhance the flavours and complexities of each other.

Drinking wine and eating cheese is a great combination. Cheese can even make your wine taste better! Studies have found that the strong taste of cheese makes the flavours in the wine stand out more. It’s interesting that when you eat cheese and drink wine together, you become more sensitive to the wine’s flavours and can enjoy even more delicious flavours.

Pairings are definitely subjective: if it tastes good together to you; then it’s a good pairing.

But to get this heightened taste sensation, you need to pair the two right.

When pairing cheeses with wine, it’s essential to consider the texture, flavour intensity, and acidity of both to find the perfect balance. A good rule of thumb is to aim for complementary flavours and aromas rather than overpowering or contrasting ones.

Are you looking for the perfect match? Here is the Fast2eat guide with the most popular wines and cheeses pairings!

• Off-Dry Wines pair well with Spicy Cheeses • 
• Light Bodied Wines pair well with Light Cheeses • 
• Full Bodied Wines pair well with Heavier Cheeses • 

Wine and Cheese Pairing Fast2eat

First, choose your cheese, then choose your wine. There are many combinations of wine and cheese, so there’s a match for every cheese. 

Choose a wine that complements the flavours of your favourite cheese. The cheese category is broken down, and a Classic Cheese and Wine Pairing Chart is available for you to use.

What cheese goes with which wine?

If you have a unique bottle, choose the wine you want first and then find a cheese that goes with it. Understanding more about wines can help you do this better.

Wine and Cheese Pairing Fast2eat
sparkling juice - How do you pair non-alcoholic drinks with cheese - Fast2eat

You don’t have to drink wine or be old enough to enjoy cheese tasting! Some drinks don’t have alcohol that can go well with cheese.


Planning your Wine & Cheese party Preparation

To plan a wine and cheese party, start early by making lists for food, drinks, decorations, and guests. Buy items over time instead of in one trip.

checklist - Wine & Cheese party - Chronogram & Preparation Fast2eat

Make sure to consider your guests and the current season when determining the appropriate amount of food or drink to provide.


How much to buy for a wine and cheese party?

When planning a wine and cheese party, it is essential to consider how many people will attend the event and how much food and drink they will consume.

How much to buy should be based on what you know about your guests and the season.


For a cheese platter, aim for 3-6 types of cheese, and serve between 25-60g (1-2 ounces) of each type for every person. 

Along with the cheese that, serve 60-140g (2-5 ounces) of meat, whether cold cuts or seafood, for every person.

Smoked Salmon with Capers, Red Onions and Lemon Fast2eat
The vehicle - Crackers and breads Fast2eat

Make sure to have at least three types of bread on your table – crusty bread, flatbreads, and crackers. Pick two savoury breads, one dark/whole wheat bread, and one lightly sweet bread with raisins or walnuts to enhance the cheese taste. You should aim for 85-150 ounces of bread and crackers per person, with less if serving mostly crackers and more if mainly serving bread.

Pick 2-4 types of wine only—no more than 6 for a big party. SparklingRedwhite, or blush are all good choices. If you only serve one red and one white, make sure they work well with different types of food.

How many bottles of wine do you need?

For every group of 6 people, we need two bottles of white wine and one bottle of red wine. If we have a group of 20 people, we need six bottles of white wine and four bottles of red wine. Each 750 ml (25.36 oz) bottle can provide five 150 ml (5 oz) servings.

tea - How do you pair non-alcoholic drinks with cheese - Fast2eat

For drinks, you’ll need about 500 ml (17 oz.) of chilled sparkling apple or pear cider, juice, or sparkling water per person. Choose flavorful teas with distinct notes if you want to serve hot tea. Mix 2-3 types of black teas with oolong and green tea to add variety. Make sure to make enough for everyone to try each type.


What time of day is best for a wine and cheese party?

Wine and cheese parties aren’t for full meals. To have a good one, it’s better to do it before dinner, like at 4 p.m., or after your guests have eaten dinner, around 9 p.m.


How do you set up a cheese and wine table?

You can have many tables with cheese and wine pairs for a big party instead of just one buffet table.

Use tablecloths to make it look nice, and add a seasonal centrepiece to make it even better.

I love having cheese and wine, even if it’s not a party. Sometimes I make a special dinner board instead of a whole meal. I have a lot of cheese and wine tools in my cabinets, so I can do this whenever I want. It’s good to know what each one is for. Each knife has its use to give you the best experience.

cheese knives Fast2eat

I made a guide to help you understand what they are for, so you can choose the best one for any situation.

Wine Glass Guide

You can drink wine from any container, like a wine glass, coffee mug, mason jar, or Dixie cup. But if you want to taste it better, specific glasses work better than others and improve the taste of wine. It’s nicer to have special glasses for  SparklingRed or white wine and smaller ones for sherry or port. Bring the glasses that will be used to the table, and remember to also have glasses for water.

If you need help determining which cup is best for your wine, check out our guide to learn which one to use.


These tips are from my own experience;
I’m neither a party organizer, a sommelier, nor a turophile (a cheese connoisseur). 
I just love cheese, wine and spending time with family and friends.

I hope my easy tips will give you the confidence to host a wine and cheese party with a handful of close friends.

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